We’ll search for your lost item!
Lost Item Search Team JAPAN!

Troubles with lost or forgotten items during a trip to Japan

Language barrier

Unsure where to inquire

Being informed that international shipping is not available

Being informed that wireless earphones cannot be shipped

Contact the Lost Item
Search Team JAPAN!

Our Japanese Lost Item Search Team will utilize all available search methods,
based on the provided information.
For instance, we handle lost items in places like these




Amusement park

Golf course

Rental car






Interstates Service Area

Police station

If the search is unsuccessful,
there will be no charge. It’s free!

Requesting a search is easy!

Submit your request via email
Service contents and charges
Application process
Company profile

Tasks performed by the search team and charges

Actions undertaken by the Lost Item Search Team


Conducting a search based on information

Meet to discuss the proxy process

Prepare documents related to the proxy process
(In cases involving the police, etc., a letter of authorization may be required)

Collect from the discovery location

Create an item verification document

Calculate shipping insurance

Create and submit the electronic customs report

Create shipping label 

Pack the item

Track shipping status

Aviation law and international postal regulations research


Weight, size, pickup location, delivery days, insurance, and packaging specifications – all undertaken by the search team.
Regarding the total administrative costs, we will provide an estimate.
*Lost articles are limited to those within three months

Guidelines for the Slow Mail (Camel Mail) service,
Approximately 10 to 20 days from the time of shipment
5000yen~Insurance up to 6,000 yen
Fast Mail (Flying Squirrel Mail), approximately 7 to 10 days from shipment
6000yen~Insurance coverage up to 20,000 yen is provided for free.(additional coverage available)

*The fee is an estimate and includes the total weight with packaging materials.
Shipping costs vary per 100-gram unit (including packaging materials); we will provide a quote for each specific case.

The flow from inquiry,
to search and shipping.


*Customers only need to complete the blue frame process.

*Customers only need to complete the STEP1 and STEP4.

Fill the information
Start to search

There will be no charges if we can’t find the item!

Provide estimate
Clarify shipping type

Shipping requested(Online card payment)
Choose not to ship; cost zero.

Proxy pickup

Company profile

Address【Beppu Office】
5-20 Yumigahamacho Beppu, Oita, 874-0927
Oita Godo News Company  Beppu Headquarter 2nd Floor
会社外観【Oita Operation Department】
3-6 Jotomachi Oita-shi, Oita, 870-0153
Operating CompanyLost Item Delivery Co., Ltd.
RepresentativeYousuke Yoshinaga
Established in2011
Capital1,000,000 yen